Overwhelmed with a large array of quotes ranging from all sorts of different prices? Weary of so many companies calling you and offering you the world? We are aware of how flustering the quote receiving process can be so our job is to take that stress of your hands and worries of your mind. Our goal is to make this as simple a process for our customers so transporting your vehicle can become a care-free ordeal. We have put together a 10 step process so that you can understand exactly what goes into the process of transporting a car and can be on the same page as us every step of the way!


Once you have decided to use DAM as your preferred vehicle shipper there are two ways to schedule a pick-up: Online or calling our direct line and scheduling your shipment with your assigned representative.


The priority is to meet our customer’s needs, so we take down your desired transport date as well as your pickup and delivery address so we can properly search for the driver that will most suit your particular move. We take pride in not asking our customers for a down payment or deposit at this point like our competitors do, we do not get paid until our job is done!


Your transport organizer will call you to present the different options he has researched so both you and him can decide on the one that will most suit your needs.


Once a carrier has been designated a spot will be booked and two emails will be sent to you. The first one is the vehicle dispatch sheet which contains all the information related to your move. We want you to feel comfortable and thus provide the carrier’s name and number, the pick-up and delivery dates that carrier has committed to, along with the total price that the trucker has signed for therefore eliminating the fear of truckers showing up and asking for more money. The second email is the company agreement that can easily be completed electronically.​


Once a date has been settled on the next question our customers have is, what time will the driver be here? Trucking is a tough business to pin point a precise time for and since we know that you are busy we do everything to make it as easy for you as possible. The day previous to the pick up our carriers will call you to provide a window of time when he will be estimated to arrive, followed up by a call the next day when he is one hour away. This way our customers can continue with their day as planned without having to sit there and wait all day wasting their precious time.


The pick-up process could not be easier. Customer and driver will perform a full inspection of the vehicle so that every little scratch and/or dent can be noted. This is vital for the customer as it is their protection against any unlikely damage that might occur during the transfer, as well as for the carrier to ensure that no damage was induced that was not present before. The bill of lading is then signed by both parties and the trucker will safely load the car onto carrier and be on his way.​


The delivery process is exactly the same as pick up. Within 24 hours of delivery, the driver will contact you to setup a convenient window for delivery. The same process will be repeated an hour before. As we are conscious that most of our customers work during the day, we always try to work around their schedule so their day will not be altered.


Trucker will unload vehicle and both parties would then again inspect the car. Please be thorough in this as to avoid any misunderstandings.


We encourage customers to get in touch with us and provide feedback whether good or bad. If we did a good job please let us know, there is no better feeling than having a customer call you and personally thank you. If there is anything we could have done call us and let us know. As a company we are always striving to better and improve ourselves, and there is no better way of achieving this than through our own customers’ opinions!​


Where you happy with the service? Did you enjoy working with your personal representative? Save our number and email! Our goal is not to serve our customers once, but to build lifelong relationships so that we can be your transporter of choice. Whether you are a dealer, car collector, student going to college, worker relocated, or a snowbird, we want to be the company you deal with. Call us back directly to get the best rates and premium customers service that we are known for.